Ventech Agrionics

Efficient, reliable and safe ripening systems for the 21st century

Welcome to the home page of Ventech Agrionics.

Since 1988 Ventech Agrionics have specialised in commercial fruit ripening and tobacco curing with a range of products designed by British engineers and built in South Africa to Mil Spec and Aerospace standards.

With an unmatched track record of producing high performance reliable and safe ethylene generators our international customers continue to ripen fruit of the highest quality while obtaining the greatest cost benefit.

Our affordable VENTECH ripening systems typically have running costs that are 75%-95% less than those which use bottled ethylene gas mixtures, and require no specialist skill to operate. In the competitive sub-tropical fruits market, importers and packers can therefore ripen green fruit at the lowest cost and with the lowest labour overheads.

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